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AMIS-päivät 11.-13.3.2020.

Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi – OSKU ry is the Finnish national union for students in vocational upper secondary education. OSKU’s main goals are to impact the society on behalf of vocational students and to increase the appeal of vocational education in Finland. Its fundamental principles are independence and trust in vocational students themselves, as students are in charge of all OSKU’s decisions and actions. OSKU is also independent of any political party or labor union. The organisation was founded in 2001, but its roots are in the 100-year-old tradition of two former student organisations in Finland.

The purpose of OSKU is to operate as a student interest and service organisation at the national level as well as to promote and monitor students’ general and common interests especially in academic, social, educational, and legal matters. Also, the union functions as a link between its members, activates student activity, promotes the professional, social and athletic pursuits of its members and promotes cooperation between student organisations.

The main decision-making body of OSKU’s is the general assembly that takes place once a year. OSKU’s board consists of vocational students from all over Finland and holds executive power. Their work is backed up by OSKU’s employees who are led by the secretary-general.

We’re here to support and serve

OSKU can be joined by any person studying in secondary vocational education in Finland who accepts the union’s purpose and who pays the personal membership fee for the school year. OSKU ry’s membership and student card are personal.

OSKU strives to serve and support vocational students in all situations. This is done through the promotion of interests and diverse services, of which the main output is the AMIS student card. The members of OSKU are also entitled to receive support and guidance in matters relating to studies and lobbying and can participate in events and trainings organised by OSKU. Potential participation fees for events and trainings organised by OSKU ry are specified for each event separately. The AMIS student card is also a European Youth Card and thus entitles its holder to various benefits in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

Become a member

The OSKU membership fee is 16 euros per school year. OSKU ry does not have a semester-based membership fee. The membership fee covers the price of membership. The AMIS student card is a member benefit, not a purchasable product. Receiving an AMIS student card requires the payment of the membership fee as well as delivery of the necessary membership information and an approved certificate of enrolment.

You can become a member of OSKU by applying for membership with the electronic application form. By applying for membership the student accepts our membership conditions and confirms the correctness of their given information. Please check carefully which AMIS student card you qualify for because you are responsible for choosing the right colored card while filling in the application information.

If you have any questions, please contact our office (